The last 10 years changed the whole transmission industry, now we have dynamic electronic control systems "mechatronik" You cannot work on them in the old conventional fashion, you cannot test them and you cannot test the transmission on a test stand. You need new Tools you need to update or you are out-dated, you are OUT !

Focused on the new electronic and vehicle diagnostic systems for more as 10 years, we know how to test them and diagnose them with our cutting edge software and "hardware". Here we provide tools and solutions to communicate with electronic units an all relevant Bus systems.

We support the Right to repair Act! we need to educate all shop owners in our industry because of the manufacturers restrictions to allow access to the software,the manufacturers apply the "monopol-practice" they put you out of Business

The new generation of Cars demand new testing Tools and Technologies !

You need to be able to test your transmission on the work bench. With the restbus simulation you can represent the gateway functionality and then access all transmissions for test und reflash or reprogramming needs. To do this, real measurements and signals must be simulated,- Restbus simulation for transmission testing. With eurotrans restbus simulation tools you are able to simulate the restbus in real-time for the following busses: CAN, FlexRay, LIN, K-Line, J1708 what ables you to access all transmissions for the different manufacturer like Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Porsche .......... More info on the practically tools the coming soon for you
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