Our Warranty                                                                

What is our warranty? Many people ask us that question! We warranty that the transmission we sell you is remanufactured, we guarantee it is!! We guarantee you also that the transmission works perfectly when it is shipped to you. We can't guarantee it will run perfectly when you install it, because many components have to work together to assure a function free transmission. For example, we can sell you a brand new transmission, but when you or your workshop do NOT know how to install it right, this means adjusted, programmed; it will never run right. The time is over, where you can install a transmission in your garage, fill it up and hit the road. Now all the transmissions are electronically controlled, have computers and need a lot of information to function properly, for this you have so many wires and connectors all over your engine. There are mechanical and electrical parts, components and connections in your car that are necessary for your transmission to perform well, but they are not a part of your transmission, they ad to your transmission by the installation, they  may cause malfunction or damage to your transmission upon failure. These parts include but are not limited to the computers, solenoids, actuators, relays, wiring harness, temperature sensors, speed sensors, and connectors. You need special computer tools to read the trouble codes from the transmission and after the installation you have to program it, and run an adaptation / initiation program or perform a readiness code. You see it is NOT anymore so easy as in the old time. You need to find you a shop that has the knowledge and the tools to work on the new generation of transmissions. Don't blame it on the transmission right away when the transmission does not run or shift perfectly. Even shops have a hard time to adjust to the new generation of transmissions. Many don't have the equipment and the knowledge. One  big misunderstanding is the OBD2 scanners, the most don't work on German cars. Yes you can reset the Mil light but you can not reset the memory of the computer, and this is the important point. Then the car reads  first the memory and then goes  in drive mode, you always have a drivability problem when the memory is not erased, you need to perform basic settings  or run a adaptation program or set the readiness code or even have to recode or reprogram the whole computer (flush).      You get it, it is now much more involved as only installing a transmission. Too many components are out of our control. The important aspect here is, you found a workshop a" professional workshop" The shop has to have the knowledge and the equipment to perform the job right....only then we all can guarantee that the transmissions runs right! and you have your warranty to the Terms of the company's policy.




 European Transmissions and parts, Inc. warrants all Transmissions for 12 months subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below.

Eurotrans,  has been a leader in the transmission industry since many years.  We are committed to providing you, our customer, with the finest quality merchandise and service.  A great deal of pride and attention are devoted to the rebuilding  and testing of all our transmissions to assure your satisfaction and driving pleasure.  If, however, a problem should occur the following procedures shall apply.                                                                                                                                                                            

European Transmission and Parts guarantees our remanufactured transmissions against defects from date of purchase, under normal use and with periodic maintenance as set forth by the original manufacturer, from any defects in material and workmanship, subject to the following terms and conditions:

Transmission: As used herein, the term transmission shall mean a remanufactured or rebuilt transmission assembly or internal components, supplied by eurotrans. Eurotrans shall mean European Transmissions and Parts

Limitations: Subject to the limitations listed herein eurotrans, at is discretion, shall repair or replace the transmission assembly or internal components within the warranty term without charge the owner/user. Repairs or replacement will be made within a reasonable time after written notice and upon receipt of the goods deemed to be defective per the schedules and limitations of our written warranty. An authorization number must be received prior to repair or replacement of goods.

Standard Warranty: This warranty shall exist for twelve (12) months regardless of mileage. TRANSFER: Warranty remains with the owner of the vehicle and may not be transferred without written permission of eurotrans.

Authorized  Repair: All warranty work must be done by a eurotrans authorized shop, or permission to do work must be given by authorized eurotrans agent. Payment will not be made for any unauthorized repairs and/or replacements. Verification of transmission fluid replacement by a licensed repair shop or oil change specialty shop MUST be mailed to eurotrans within ten (10) days of each fluid change for warranty to be in effect.

Limitations: This warranty applies only to the transmission assembly and internal components of the transmission. This warranty shall not apply to, or include any of the following:

          A. repair or replacement required as a result of any accident or misuse.                                                                                                

        B. Any transmission used for competition racing or related purposes.

          C.  Front pump Oil seals and rear output shaft seals and gaskets are not warranted

          D. This warranty does not apply to any transmission damage resulting from overheating due to  lack of lubrication, or a  non functional cooling system. Proper oil  levels must be maintained at all times. Proper installation, calibration, good working order and inspection procedures including cleaning of cooler lines, clutch adjustment, PCM, good ground contacts, motor mounts, transmission mounts, no bent pans or crimped cooler lines and drive shaft must be followed to avoid accident or injury


           E. Any transmission on witch the periodic maintenance service requirements as set forth by the original manufacturer have not been met.

          F. Any transmission witch has been repaired or remodeled by any person other than a eurotrans authorized dealer, or a unit to witch any device or accessory not confirming to original manufacturer specification has been installed.

          G. This warranty does NOT cover labor costs incurred in diagnosis of defects or removal and reinstallation of equipment. Nor does it cover any other contingent expenses. Buyer agrees that eurotrans will not be responsible for (1) incidental or consequential damages (2) lost profits, sales or income (3) injury to person or property (4) oil, antifreeze, fluids or other substances (5) towing charges (6) lift, dock or storage fees (7) telephone calls (8) freight (9) substitute transportation, lodging, etc. (10) unauthorized repairs (11) labor on a clutch kit, or other accessory parts purchased with the transmission

          H. Electronic transmissions, there are mechanical and electrical parts, components and connections in your vehicle that are necessary for your transmission to perform, but the are NOT a part of your transmission, the may cause malfunction of or damage to your transmission upon failure. These parts include but are NOT limited to, the computers, solenoids, actuators, relays, wiring harness, temperature sensors, speed sensors, and connectors. No warranty is given for any parts outside of the transmission. It is out of our control and your responsibility to verify that the components perform according to the manufacturer specification, only this guaranties the 100% performance of your remanufactured transmission.

          I. A full warranty will only given, when after the installation a verification is profited in form of a copy that the readiness code is set, or the Basic settings performed/values adapted.

  •           J. All transmissions must be installed, maintained, or adjusted by a qualified technician

  •            a.   same front wheel drive transmissions need to fill differential oil                                                         

  •            b. transmission cooler lines must be flushed before the installation of the transmission

  •            c. Make sure torque converter is all the way into the front pump of the transmission. before bolted together

  •            d. No benefits or remedies are available under this limited warranty while the invoice for the unit or related services         remains outstanding

          Limited Liability: The liability of europeantransmissions and Parts under this warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of defective parts or workmanship. Eurotrans shall not be liable for any service expressly provided for herein, relating to or arising from limitations A through I. Buyer and seller agree the seller's price is based upon this limited warranty. Buyer and seller also agree the buyer's sole and exclusive remedy against seller on account of breach of contract, warranty or performance shall be for the repair or replacement at eurotrans factory Atlanta GA. of defect  Transmission's workmanship or material within the periods of this warranty. The buyer will be responsible for shipment and subject to the limitations and conditions of this warranty

         Limited Warranty: This  warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including any warranty on the part of the dealer installing the transmission, unless said warranty is less stringent than that offered by eurotrans. No dealer or any agent or employee thereof is authorized to extend or enlarge this warranty. All transmissions are sealed (signed) if seal is broken all warranty will be voided.

         Labor claims: Authorized repairs will be paid at a rate that is not exceed 100% of the Alldata Repair manual published flat rate schedule. Hourly rates will be paid in accordance to original installation rate, not to exceed US$ 25.00 per hour. The buyer must notify European transmission of any warranty claim prior to repair for assignment of an authorization number. The work will be performed either at eurotrans factory or any other authorized dealership

         Warranty claim: For factory remanufactured transmissions warranty returns complete the Warranty Claim Form. (Claim Form) Be sure to fill out all marked fields. fax the Warranty Claim Form to the europeantransmissions department at: 770-888-1499. Note: Form must be filled out. No    warranty claim will be accepted without this Warranty Claim Form.

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