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  • Automatic Transmission Hydraulic Circuit tester

    Automatic Transmission Hydraulic Circuit tester

    Hydraulic Circuit tester  Transmission pressure tester

    Detailed Product Description



    Transmission  Hydraulic Leaking Tester Equipment Description
    Oil pressure analysis leakage the test computer measures the fill time of every clutch of components in the transmission like clutch, brake, brake band, server, etc. to determine if  the automatic gearbox is good or not. It can rapidly and directly detect oil pressure and leakage condition of each executive component, and judge working condition of each seal ring. With small volume, low power consumption, easy operation, etc., it is a good helper of maintaining and detecting automatic gearbox failures.

    Technical Characteristics

    1.Equipped with testing board, it is suitable for oil pressure detection and tightness detection of various types of gear boxes;

    2.Using quick coupling, it has better sealing property. It can be quickly and conveniently connected without pressing the connector heavily;

    3.Using solenoid valve make-and-break oil pressure control, it gets rid of leakage effect;

    4.It can detect sealing condition of clutch and rubber ring in gear box quickly. It is accompanied by various kinds of seal ring standard pressure gauges.

    5.It has a function called real-time pressure detection.It can test the cluch work status whether conformed to the standard or not when the oil pressured increased,thus whether impact or sliding will occur during working. The real-time pressure statement can be seen during the test.

    Power: 110/220V, 50HZ, 0.5KW

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