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" A look inside tells you it is made in Germany"


The German way of remanufacturing assures consistent quality, outstanding reliability and less maintenance down-time than overhauling or repairing-and that adds up to better value!


We offer automatic transmissions only. These transmissions are remanufactured at the factory in Munich, Germany or in Cumming, Atlanta. The workers are remanufacturing experts, with literally hundreds of years combined experience. And the tools and equipment we use from the newest standard and technology We realize there are many ways to repair your transmission But when all things are considered, the bottom line is value for your dollar which has delivered consistently. With the procedures we follow and a thorough installation, the remanufactured products of provide the life and dependability of new products and meet your demands for quality, service and value at significant savings. Most aftermarket "rebuilders" replace only components that are obviously worn or defective with components that may or may not be genuine.. At all components are subjected to a rigorous testing and inspecting regimen. The standards are the same as you'd find at any other O.E.M. -- tough, uncompromising and rigidly maintained. Only components meeting the same standards as their "new" counterparts are used.


Thorough Cleaning: Every transmission is thoroughly disassembled then cleaned to remove contaminants that results in premature wear to gears, bearings, shafts and other precision components like the valve body. Transmission cleaning includes individual component hand washing. parts are inspected and bushing and washer surfaces are polished to micro finish for durability.


Dynamometer Tested After assembly, every transmission is dynamometer tested under live engine power with recorded inspections to shift patterns and shift pressure on the same criteria and against the same standards as our new transmissions. A stall test, fluid leak test, lock-up test and park test are performed. Tests are made at varying speed's and at full and closed throttle positions. Why take a chance on a transmission that was assembled to questionable standards with questionable components ? remanufactured transmissions--quality that's "automatic'.


Valve Body Testing; Valve bodies are tested on a Valve body tester a unit which simulates actual vehicle operation. Vehicle speed and driver demand are varied hydraulically. The test unit quickly locates cracks and imperfections and verifies accurate shift points. Valve bodies are disassembled, cleaned and remanufactured to specifications. All components of the Valve body are inspected for wear and the valve body is resurfaced for correct mating and sealing with the transmission case. Case and valve body resurfacing along with profilometer inspection of shaft smoothness enables us to maintain exact standards and precise tolerances in all phases of transmission remanufacturing.


Transmission Pre-Inspection: Transmission performance is pre-inspected at the assembly station to assure correct operation before additional assembly and testing is performed. Pressurized fluid and special fixtures are used to test circuit leakage.


Quality Control: Consistent quality is maintained through a continuous control system managed by German Master mechanics and remanufacturing experts with statistical process control. Weekly disassembly of a production transmission is also performed. All areas of the transmission are scrutinized for cleanliness, surface finish quality, lubrication, clearance and wear patterns. Assembled to ISO 9001 specifications, maintaining all clearances and tolerances. Dyno tested to O.E.M.

" A look inside tells you it is made in Germany"