Eurotrans           Important !

Claim form for 4,5 and 6 and 8 speed electronic Automatic Transmissions

Whenever repairing or replacing of a 4, 5 and 6 or 8 speed automatic transmission: it is required, Make a copy of the attached
Automatic Transmission claim Report” fill it out and fax/send it over to eurotrans at 678- 807- 1952
Or download the claim form in PDF file here(warranty claim form)  filled out and fax or send it over to eurotrans
Document will serve as part of the Self Authorization Process for the work performed.
Page 1 generic information (Customer name, Customer number, model information etc.):– Fill out as thoroughly as possible.
Page 1 and 2 Concern specific information
(Fluids, DTCs Operating conditions etc.):– Fill out areas associated with concern (i.e. if leaks are checked on page 1, fill out Leakage Detail on page 2).

– Send copy of report along with the transmission / parts as requested by europeantransmissions and parts Inc..
When sending any documentation along with transmission parts, always place documentation in a plastic bag for protection.