BMW service & inspection reset

for Models:          

BMW 3er  E 30 - 1992
BMW 5er  E 28 -  1988
BMW 6er  E 24 - 
BMW 7er  E 23 -  1992
BMW 8er  E 31 -   1992              all with 15 pin connector in engine compartment


The BMW service light cluster:
Pictured at top is the Oil service/Inspection, Service Reminder light cluster found in BMW automobiles. They are easily reset  with NO  tools.

No more driving around with those lights on!
Do you change your own oil or go to a fast lube? If you do, then  this instructions will help  you have  the freedom to reset your own Oil service/Inspection lights, allowing you more choices in service.

Super easy to use:
Can you pump your own gasoline? Can your check your oil level on the dipstick? If you answered yes, then you are perfectly capable of performing same simple tasks.

Oil and Inspection Service light reset

BMW Model E39 built from 1996~2000 will have a port like the one shown below.

1) If you have a reset tool then turn your car key to Position II but do not start the car.
2) Turn the cap counter clock wise on the Data Link Connector and insert the Reset Tool
3) Follow the instructions of your reset tool,

1) If you don't' have the tool get a simple jumper cable to create a short in PIN 7 to PIN 19 for a given amount of time.

OIL Service Reset requires pin 7 and 19 to be closed for 3+ seconds

INSPECTION Service Reset requires pin 7 and 19 to be closed for 10+ seconds

4) Once done, remove the reset tool and close the cap .
5) Your dash should light up with green lights at this point.
If the light did NOT reset after the above steps then you might be resetting Oil Service however an Inspection Service is needed.




BMW Oil Service reset for 2001 ~ current

No need for reset tool for 2001+ model

BMW insp. reset

- Ignition OFF (POS 0)

- Press and Hold the trip odometer button while turning key to position 1 (ACCESSORY)

- Keep the button depressed (about 5 secs.) until you see "Oil Service" or "Inspection" with "Reset" or "Re" in the display

- *Note: On vehicles with "High" cluster, you will also see the amount of fuel (in liters) remaining until next service

- Press the button again and hold for approx. 5 seconds. until "Reset" or "Re" flashes

- While the display is flashing, briefly press the button again to reset the Service Interval. After the display has shown the new interval you should see "END SIA" for about 2 seconds.

Note that if the "Reset" or "Re" does not flash, then you have not met the minimum consumption level and cannot reset.




WARNING: Resetting your service light is not a remedy for servicing your vehicle. Only perform these procedures after an oil change/vehicle service and obey your manufacturer's suggested service intervals