Technical Service Bulletin Europeantransmissions

How to Perform Adaptation
If you replace the mechatronic unit (Valve body & TCM) or if you overwrite the TCU software, be sure to initialize the learned values and perform initial learning "Adaptation"


Step 1 Verification of vehicle repair

After a repair, it is essential to verify that the fault codes has been erased

Connect scan tool  and select "Diagnostic trouble codes DTC's mode and erase or clear the DTC.

using the scan tool to erase all adaptation values from the transmission

Step 2 Warm up

Raise the ATF temperature by leaving the vehicle idling, check the ATF temperature using the scan-tool and make sure it is between 50*C (122*F) and 120*C (248*F)  If the temperature is outside of this range, work to accordingly to bring this values.

Notice: If the oil temperature is not between 50*C (122*F) and 120*C (248*F), initial learning, adaptation can NOT be performed, it will NOT work!

Step 3 Driving Adaptation

Select "D" range then depress accelerator pedal smoothly and keep the APS values 17%, shift gear to 5th gear R keep the vehicle speed over 60kM/h. In condition that release the accelerator pedal and then depress the brake pedal normally. Stop the car then keep 5seconds

repeat this procedure 10 times. (Not necessary N-D,N-R learning

keep in mind, depends what kind of repair you performed, it can be a few days before the car relearned it self completely !

Step 4 verification of vehicle repair

Connect the scan tool again and check for any DTC's present ?

The transmission performing to specification at this time.